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Super Hero Squad Online Codes


1. MAMAROSAS - To Get Tuxedo Thing
2. HEROUP! - To Get HulkBuster Iron Man
3. SUPERHERO - To Get Free Jr. SHIELD Agents 

Spiderman Codes
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 MILES2011 - To Get  Ult. Comics Spider Man 
 GHOST2012 - To Get Ghost Rider
Another Codes
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How To Get More Gold In Super Hero Squad Online game

How To Get More Gold IN Super Hero Squad Online
You Can Use This......
1. Create A new Super Hero Squad Accounts 

With a new SHS Online account, you will be able to go through the tutorial once again where you will be given a few Prize Wheel Tickets and you can use this Tickets on the Prize Wheel to win some Gold Coins. Unfortunately, it’s only part of the tutorial and, if my memory is correct, you’ll have to use the Gold Coins to buy a couple of heroes in the Shop or Store.

2. Watch Out For Free Codes Giveaway

If you are subscribed to received e-mails from Super Hero Squad Online then you might be able to get Gold Coins from it. Recently, SHS Online sent an e-mail with a Code that gave players some FreeGold Coins to get them started. They also sent a survey where participants were given a Code that gave them 25 Prize Wheel Tickets for FREE.

3. Become A Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D Agents (Purchase A Membership)

The easiest way of getting Gold Coins in Super Hero Squad Online is by becoming a Junior SHIELD Agent. This is a premium membership Choose as you want:
1 Month   = $9.95   USD
6 Month   = $49.95 USD
12 Month = $79.95 USD
As a paid member or a Junior SHIELD Agent, you will get 500 Gold Coins every month for FREE. You will also be able to win Gold Coins in the Prize Wheel everyday and a Jr.SHIELD Agents hero. (PS: Make Sure Your Parents Support You)

4. Become A Jr. SHIELD Members With A Special Promo Codes

You can also get Gold Coins by becoming a Junior SHIELD Agent with the help of a Special Promo Code. Of course, these Special Promo Codes won’t last very long. They were only released to Promote or get new players to sign-up and Play the game. The last time I used these Special Promo Codes, they were still active and working. If you want to know what these Special Promo Codes are then please read Get Tuxedo Thing And A Free Jr. SHIELD Agent Upgrade in SHS Online And How To Get Hulkbuster Iron Man.

5. Wait The Prize Wheel Until Reseted in 2:14 AM

Or You Can Wait Until The Prize Wheel Reset with Gold, Wait Until a days (two or three days) an the Gold in Prize Wheel Reset From 5 gold (first day), 20 gold (Second Day), 25 gold (Third Day)

6. Wait Until the next Day to Get 5 gold FREE

or Wait Until the next day to get 5 Gold Free, Make Sure you play consecutive in 8 Days

Now you know how to get Gold Coins in Super Hero Squad Online and if you have not yet tried playing Super Hero Squad Online then maybe it’s time you did. It’s a Free-To-Play MMO and it features all your favorite Marvel Super Heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Cyclops, etc. and Super Villains like Doctor Octopus, Doc Doom, Super Skrull, Magneto and others.

Also, if you are looking for a game that your kids can play safely online then Super Hero Squad Online is the game you are looking for. I’m playing it and my kids are playing it too.

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